In the Lebanon County, there are about over seven thousand residents, and with the help of sanitation services people can easily reduce their waste to separate everything accordingly. The sanitation services also have roll-off containers of ten to forty yards and dumpsters, so that garbage can easily be disposed of. Residents can also recycle some items, which is extremely beneficial to the environment. Aluminum cans recycling pick up Lebanon PA are offered services from sanitation, and other items they recycle as well are plastics, tin cans, bottles and glass jars, newspapers, office paper, and even cardboard. 

In Northern Lebanon, the city has been well known as a recycling community since the late 1980s. The city has recycled many items like described before, and other items they also recycle are steel, yard waste, ink cartridges, magazines and glossy print, cell phones, and retired flags. Because of the great work they have provided not only for the community but also for the environment, over $920,000 in recycling grants has been awarded to the city so that they may continue to fund the program since they are part of the top five best recycling services in the county of Lebanon. 

Recycling can be very time consuming, and that is why it is best to have containers that are color coordinated so you may know which type of recyclable goes into which bin. Not only that, you can also keep track of how much you are recycling and easily separate the waste. Sometimes you might recycle much more than you expected, and when that happens your containers become full and you have to wait until the sanitation services pick up your recyclables. In this case, Lebanon allows its residents to have more than one curbside container at their home. And if you do not want to invest in another container, then just using plastic bags is fine as well. Just be sure that it is easy for the haulers to see that the bags are recyclables so that way they throw it in the recycle trash. 

When it comes to household hazardous waste items, you must pay a fee and arrange for the items to be picked up at your home. For the elderly and/or disabled that are unable to gather the hazardous items, Lebanon has a program where you may call a collector that will go to your home to do it for you. Acceptable hazardous waste that can be picked up are: 

    • Automotive fluids
    • Auto batteries
    • Poisons
    • Waxes
    • Gasoline
    • Fluorescent tubes
  • And lawn/garden chemicals

Hazardous waste that is not accepted includes fire extinguishers, ammunition, refrigerators, stoves, and gas cylinders. When it comes to rechargeable batteries and fluorescent light bulbs, you can drop them off at Returns at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s since they started to recycle those items. 

Recycling is extremely important and beneficial to all communities and the environment. There is so much waste in the world that we must work hard to clean the earth and restore her back to her natural beauty.