What you need to know before taking a puppy to the daycare

A puppy’s day at the boarding facility is unique and somehow nerve cracking. For this reason, you need to make sure that your puppy is ready for its first-day experience without you for longer than the ordinary working hours. Just like parents’ first day with their kid when they take them to school, your worries are the same. Some of the concerns include whether they will get along with the people in charge, or will they get frightened since you are not around. These are some of the usual fears that your puppy will encounter but provided you prepare on time; your furry friend will adjust to the new environment.

All boarding facilities are not equal

Puppy boarding facility is very different from ordinary doggy daycare. This is because they need special care during the most critical stage of their growth and the only perfect way to do this without interruption from other older dogs is taking care of them separately. You cannot take your pup at any facility since the attention and time the little dog needs is different from what is offered to grown dogs.

Emergency checklist

Just like when you take your kid to school for the first day, you want to be secure in case an emergency occurs, and you are not reachable. The chances of puppies getting into mischief are high since they are still learning new things and getting the hang of their environment. Ensure that you have all the emergency info such as contact details and vet numbers ready for your facility. Give them an alternative phone number such as a friend or coworker to call if anything happens, and you are not around, or you miss a call.

Stomach aches

Note that even puppies have tummy aches that you might not be able to notice outright. In most cases, the problem is caused by feeding the little dog before they enter the gates of daycare. They immediately become restless and start running all over the healthy hound and get ill quickly if given food in the morning. To prevent stomach problems, wake up early and feed him or her. The food will get enough time to get digested before the puppy gets restless with his new friends.

Time for valuation

Do not expect to take your pup to the dog day care Chantilly VAand leave. Make sure you arrive there on time to do all the required paperwork and respond to all questions the same way you would do with a kid. Get prepared with all the necessary documents and relevant questions before you contact the office and schedule a date. This will help you get a glimpse of what you need to have or do so that the process will run smoothly.

Snacks, toys and treats

Lengthy days make for an extremely hungry and developing pup so get ready in advance. Maybe, you know that your pet will be staying for long hours at daycare. In this case, ask for a 25-minute timeout duration for your dog to have snacks and food sporadically in the entire day.  Talk to the staff at the daycare and schedule this time together. Since you know the feeding schedule of your pup, make sure you follow the instructions to the letter if the dog stays there more than one day.